case of Mackhnick family- “Tough Love or Child Psychological Maltreatment?”

Note: answer each case separately, all the cases shoub be had the following questions answerd, the Case History of the Machnicks: “Tough Love or Child Psychological Maltreatment?” on page 146 of your text. Then answer the following questions: Describe Child Psychological Maltreatment. Is the Machnick family committing child psychological maltreatment of their son Grady? If so, how? Which subtype best describes the Machnick family’s actions? How can law enforcement officials or Child Protective Services (CPS) determine if child psychological maltreatment has occurred? What are some intervention methods used by government agencies to prevent child psychological maltreatment? How does child neglect differ from child psychological maltreatment? apply critical thunking to each case and Expansive, but succinct, relevance to topic. Directly addressed question or topic. Posting must include reference to text readings and outside resources. Real-life examples may be given that pertain to topic. must use at least 2 citation per case if you need the article please let mr know. case1; Yes, in fact the Machnick’s are exhibiting forms of CPM. This shows in their alternative punishments for the child and the constant emotional neglect of the child. Although some of the actions are supposed to serve as punishments, those punishments are damaging to the child’s psychological being and development. There were a few subtypes involved, one is rejecting because of the ways that they only applied the harsh punishments to Grady. Degrading and possibly exploiting also; as one of the punishments was the boy stripping and being photographed. Terrorizing, the parents were using harsh methods in order to “control” the child; his punishment of dog feces in his bag in an example. Most importantly, denying emotional responsiveness, no affection is shown to Grady and there is an absence of any sincere parental love and guidance. It can be tricky for law enforcement to determine CPM because the injuries are mainly on the inside of the child.They can determine it however by examining the interaction between the parents and the child, also potentially asking the child what the parents do if they misbehave. One method that can be used by the government is the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable punishment. There could also be programs developed to teach parents and potentially children the signs of CPM and what to do to deter the negative responsiveness. Child psychological maltreatment differs from neglect mainly because it focuses on the emotional trauma received in a child. Neglect differs in the sense that a victim of CPM may still have their physical needs met. The two can overlap, but neglect has multiple subtypes but does involve little interaction or affection of the child. Both forms of maltreatment can cause the same detrimental effects.

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