Carry out an Opportunity analysis for a new venture creation.


Carry out an Opportunity analysis for a new venture creation. 

Writing an Opportunity analysis (or feasibility study) can help finalise your business idea, and to check it against the initial perception of the market-place. Feasibility study is a first draft of ‘nature of the business’ proposal that can allow further investigations and calculations to be based. 

Please use the template provided 

Learning Outcomes 

The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assessment are: 

Select and apply academic literature, industry sources and models to examine and analyse markets and industries to identify opportunities for the development of a new business venture.

Demonstrate the capacity for original thinking through the identification and evaluation of an unexploited market opportunity. 


  1. Executive Summary
  2. External Environmental Analysis
  3. Industry Analysis
  4. Key People and Skills
  5. Financial Feasibility
  6. References and Appendices

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