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 Description 2. Caffeine & Memory One of the positive effects of caffeine on memory is faster response times to trivia questions. This is referred to as the tip-of-the-tongue experiment.  For example, when asked who was Napoleon, subjects who recently drank at least 4 ounces of coffee (half a cup of black coffee w/o sugar or milk) responded faster than subjects who did not drink any coffee for at least two – three hours before the experiment began.  The basic design of this study is to give half of the subjects a 4 ounce cup of black coffee while giving the other half of subjects the same amount of decaffeinated coffee. The subjects are not told if they have decaf or regular coffee, and in most experiemtns all subjects are told they are drinking regular coffee.  Subjects are then shown a set of 20 pictures and asked to immediately recall the pictures. Results are based on which subjects provided the fastest more correct answers . you need to create a survey question the survey question have to be 20 no more if u get 10 participants respond to it that fine and also details about what methods you use and how many participants create a table to calculate like a T-test

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