Assignment Content In Week 2, you developed a budget strategy


Assignment Content

  1. In Week 2, you developed a budget strategy to address a budget issue in a local or state criminal justice organization. In this assignment, you further develop the details and create your budget proposal for the criminal justice agency you selected. As you work on your proposal, keep in mind the requirements for accurate reporting discussed in Week 2. These should be built into your budget as “guardrails” to maintain consistently accurate reporting. You have explored the residual effects of poorly structured budgets and a lack of complete reporting. Include ways you can protect your budget against the effects of inaccurate or incomplete reporting. 
    Implement the feedback received from your Week 2 – Summative Assessment: Budget Proposal Strategy as you build your budget proposal. 

    Refer to the budget examples you researched in your Wk 2 assignment and locate any additional examples to help inform your budget.

    Write your budget proposal. Address the following:

    • Create a complete cost worksheet (Excel spreadsheet) detailing the costs included in your budget.
    • Explain your proposal recommendation in detail.  
    • Address how your budget proposal will perform against the budget issue you have identified.
    • Describe how you can maintain accurate and complete reporting of your budget. What guardrails have you set up?
    • Include an overview of the different budget sources you used as examples for your budget. Were these examples civilian-created or police-created? 
    • Explain any potential issues with the use of centralized budgeting in the examples you referenced.
    • Explain any trends you noticed in the examples you referenced.
    • Note: You may locate and use a budget proposal template on the internet to create your assignment if you like, or you may create your own as long as all the required information is presented.

      Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources. Remember, a hyperlink alone is insufficient information.

      Format your references according to APA guidelines. Proofread thoroughly!

      Submit your assignment.


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