ASP case study in Organizational Development

Read the ASP case study in Organizational Development.a choose any three of the following topic areas that we have covered throughout the course to apply to the case study. Values and Ethics: How would the values and ethics of OD help you decide what to do in this case? Contracting: What three elements of a contract will it be important to agree upon as you begin work on this case? Foundations of change: How might systems theory or a social construction approach help to inform your view of this case? Dialogic OD: How might you apply dialogic OD in this case? Data gathering and diagnosis: What form of data gathering would benefit this case, and why? Feedback: What feedback do you already have for Susan, and how might you deliver it? Interventions: As you decide which interventions to use, what three criteria will you apply to inform your choice? Resistance to Change: Who might resist this change? What might be the benefits of that resistance? How would you deal with that resistance as an OD practitioner? Evaluation: How might you evaluate the results of the engagement? What measures would you use? Wild Card: One of your three topic areas may be a “wild card” topic not included on this list.

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