Analysis of a Supply Chain across key components such as Sourcing, Logistics, Production, Distribution

Summative assessments Assessment

1: Group Presentation 30% TMM (individual assessment) Analysis of a Supply Chain across key components such as Sourcing, Logistics, Production, Distribution. The group should use one of the supply chains presented by one of the group members in the individual formative assessment. The presentation can utilise media in any audio or visual format. Assessment 2: Performance Analysis 30% TMM (individual submission) A specific analysis of the perceived internal and external performance of one of the key components of the supply chain presented in the first Summative assessment, from perspectives such as: quality, efficiency, cost and flexibility. The individual key component will have been assigned per student prior to the first summative assessment. Word limit is 2000 words maximum. Assessment 3: Improvement Appraisal 40% TMM (individual submission) Building on your individual analysis in summative assessment 2, you will put forward and sustain specific improvements which could also lead to collaboration and/or address a resilience risk. Proposed improvement needs to be justified through an appraisal process such as that reviewed in the second formative assessment. Word limit is 2500 words maximum.

2 Detailed description of assessment 5.2.1 Formative Assessment 1 – Individual supply chain Poster/ Documentary Structural analysis of an organisation’s supply chain Once individuals have been formed into Groups of four. The group will be assigned to a market segment from the list below: Different segments per group Market Segments:  Military  Aerospace  Major Construction  House building  Fashion  Food and Beverage MGT 5B1, Supply Chain Management, 2018-19 4  Electronics  Household machines  Supermarkets  Paper Packaging  Non paper packaging  Automotive  Oil and Gas  Household chemicals  Consumer services  Tourism


Individuals should then select a ‘focal firm’ from within this segment. Firms will be accepted on a first come, first served basis lodged on a central module list. Note: The Group will eventually select of one of the four individual focal firms as the basis of the group’s summative presentation. Preparation for assessment: Individuals will prepare a poster or documentary that describes the supply chain from raw materials to retail, paying particular attention to any differentiating issues and approaches. Presentation: Within the seminar, the Individual will spend 3 minutes presenting their poster/ document on the supply chain of their focal firm to their Group. There will be a Group discussion to select which firm the Group will work on for their summative presentation. 5.2.2 Formative Assessment 2 – Individual presentation of key aspects of Summative Assessment 3 You will present in class during the week 11 seminar, using a maximum of 2 slides, an explanation of the complex aspects of your week 12 summative 3 submission. See Marking Criteria for summative 3: Suggested areas for inclusion: • How your solution addressed collaboration and/or address a resilience risk. • Your appraisal calculations (value index) • Your risk register 5.2.1 Summative Assessment 1 – Group Presentation (individually assessed). Analysis that contextualises the environmental and ethical approaches in an organisation’s supply chain  30% TMM (individual submission)  Min 3 minutes per individual group member, max 15 minutes per group of 4 MGT 5B1, Supply Chain Management, 2018-19 5  Collaborative working is a major attribute of effective Supply Chain Management and whilst each group member will be individually assessed, evidence of collaborative working will be a major evaluation Criteria.  The presentation can utilise media in any audio or visual format (see note regarding upload), however the group must make provision for speedy preparation and dismantling their chosen presentation environment (even if a Power point) and this will be assessed as part of the Presentation Organisation criteria. o The presentation will be based upon analysis of the supply chain of a nominated ‘Focal Firm’ that operates within a nominated market sector (Segment variety between groups being essential and the focal firm being allocated on a first come basis. o Individual group members will be assigned one of four segments: Internal Production; Distribution Transportation; Distribution Warehousing; Sustainability Initiatives for Suppliers (1st or 2nd tier). o The focus of the analysis will be to assess the environmental and ethical (CSR) approaches that the focal firm has taken with regard to the segment of the supply chain that has been assigned to individual group member. The analysis will be set in the context to how that supply chain segment operates. The presentation should leverage theory covered within the module and secondary research. 

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