An infographic showing market, organisational, consumer trends data

Task is to choose, after careful thought and research, One market and one ethical issue and, with reference to theories and concepts studied in the module, prepare a portfolio including the following:

1. Annotated examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ethical practice by different brands in your market in relation to your ethical issue (for example – misleading advertising or targeting vulnerable groups or privacy policies or photography from mystery shopper activity or web pages).

2. A mindmap showing the different stakeholders involved in your ethical issue in your chosen market and their current roles and responsibilities towards the issue.

3. An infographic showing market, organisational, consumer trends data that shows the market potential for brands to improve their impact on society and the environment.

4. An evaluative summary including an analysis of your information to identify what market opportunities exist now and potentially in the future for brands in your market to act more ethically and make a positive impact on society and / or the environment in relation to your issue and market.

NOTE: – You may choose your own market but it must focus on one geographical territory – for example: Supermarkets in the UK Computer games in the USA Fast food restaurants in France Cosmetics in the UAE Note: When you consider the ethical issues, think about: – the marketing strategies and tactics used in this market – the wider social, environmental, supplier, and manufacturer and consumer concerns. A number of these issues will be introduced during lectures and seminars and you will learn more about them in your reading. You will be expected to demonstrate some broad reading about your chosen market and the ethical issue identified, using quality, objective sources including: quality newspapers (broadsheet newspapers eg. Financial Times, Telegraph, Guardian not tabloids). business press market sector and trade publications marketing press industry reports thought leadership pieces rather than relying on (often biased) company or pressure group websites. Harvard referencing should be used. (see your business school referencing guide in the module area for details). We expect portfolios to be presented, written, structured and referenced to a good standard. You can create your portfolio using programmes of your choice – for example mindgenius, word, powerpoint, indesign but your final portfolio should be submitted word, powerpoint or PDF. Further instruction will be given to support final formatting and hand in requirements. Individual portfolios should be submitted via Turnitin by Thursday 24th January 2019 10am Start thinking soon about your market and possible marketing ethics issue and begin work on the background reading on your topic as soon as possible. If you are unsure about any aspect of what is required, speak to your seminar tutor at any stage. Remember.

This portfolio will be assessing whether you have met the following learning outcomes:

1. Carry out research using a range of relevant and valid sources, evaluating the findings to provide examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ethical practice in a particular market.

2. Use business and marketing ethics theories and perspectives as a lens through which to asses marketing practice.

3. Discuss a range of marketing ethics issues with reference to the roles and responsibilities of a range of stakeholders.

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