A short paper discussing a theme or issue presented in Parable of the

Students will write a short paper discussing a theme or issue presented in Parable of the Sower and/or How Schools Work that will launch them into their research paper topics.

It should be a typed, double-spaced paper of 4-6 pages in length. (MLA Style allows in-text citations (parenthetical notes) and a Works Cited; these must be in addition to 4-6 pages of student text or required word count; please number the pages.) Correct citation and bibliographic formats required. Standard margins and 12 point font (Times New Roman preferred) are expected. The paper should present an introduction with a thesis and statement of the main points. A brief (10-20 sentences) summary of the text should be included. The paper should use quotes and scene summaries of significant things from the text to support student statements. Plagiarism will result in automatic failure. 

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