7.1 Instructions In addition to performing the chosen task, you

7.1 Instructions

In addition to performing the chosen task, you will be required to write a reflection piece describing your learning experience. You must include at least 3 Motor Learning Principles (MLP) as part of your reflection in addition to discuss the three stages of learning from Fitts and Posner (refer to Chapter 12 on our textbook). Read Appendix C for further information regarding the MLPs.

7.1.1 For the skill selected, do the following:

  1. Write a 6-page (double-spaced) reflection paper describing your experience. As part of your reflection, you need to:
    1. discuss how you moved through the stages of learning (described by Fitts and Posner – Chapter 12)
    2. discuss 3 Motor Learning Principles (e.g., feedback, practice distribution, etc.) covered in this course and explain how the principles were applied to your learning experience.

7.1.2 Your reflection paper must:

  • have a minimum of 6 FULL pages and no more than 10 pages;
  • be typed using 12-point Times New Roman font, no exceptions;
  • be typed in double space, no exceptions;
  • have 1-inch margins on all sides
  • have a “Works Cited” page (does not count toward the 6-page minimum)
    • Should be on a separate page. DO NOT use the reference section to “fill up” space and meet the 6-page minimum requirement

7.1.3 Template

I have created a template to help you with this assignment. You will be required to use the template (see link above) when writing the reflection paper. When using the template:

  • DO NOT delete the titles (Introduction, Stages of Learning, Principle 1,…)
  • DO NOT delete the page numbers. If the page #s get deleted by accident, insert them back before submitting your paper.

Referencing Sources in APA Style

  • You MUST cite (ONLY PARAPHRASES OR DIRECT QUOTES –  40 WORDS OR LESS) ALL sources utilized and this has to be done following the APA style format. 
  • IMPORTANT:  You will NOT be required to cite sources other than Magill and Anderson (YYYY) and/or Danny (2010). PLEASE, DO NOT CITE MY SLIDES. THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE SLIDES WAS TAKEN FROM MAGILL AND ANDERSON (2017). 

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