2500 words apply the scientific method, ethics, research design, and

2500 words

apply the scientific method, ethics, research design, and methodology by developing a proposal for a research study (children at risk of neglect and abuse) This study should be intended to answer question(s) related to the student’s specific career interests within human services. Additionally, the research questions should be informed by the existing research literature in their field – a.k.a. “evidence-based practice.” 

 follow the protocol structure for an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in  proposal to make the case that this research is ethical, important, and safe. . The final product will be a typed MS Word proposal that includes the following sections:

  1. Study Title
  2. Study Summary and Procedures
    1. Brief background of the research and study purpose according to the literature
    2. Detailed study procedures, including recruitment, consent, intervention, duration, type(s) of data analysis, and data storage
  3. Participant details, including sample size, demographics, selection criteria, and vulnerabilities
  4. Risks and benefits associated with the research
  5. Supplementary documents, including consent form, recruitment materials, and any data collection instruments used

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